Cooking With Saffron

Saffron captivates through its bittersweet flavor and is therefore an important element of every good kitchen. It is very easy to use with cooking and convinces with the result. With its natural colorant Crocetin, it gives saffron spiced food, a golden yellow color – a feast for the eyes. Finally, through its ethereal oils, it creates a pleasant aromatic scent. It should not be exposed to great heat for too long, in order to not “boil away” its characteristics.

Baking With Saffron

Not only for cooking but also especially for baking, saffron is a popular ingredient. The spice gained from crocuses fits perfectly with cakes and pastries. At the same time, the sweetish aromatic flavor underlines your sweet dish and neutralizes intense scents of e.g. eggs in the dough. Through its bitter taste, it is usable in exchange for grated lemon peel and gives your dish a special, new touch. Additionally, its natural colorant makes your pastries an eye-catcher.

Desert With Saffron

As is well known, sweet aromas combined with a bitter component create a perfect match. This is the reason, why saffron fits desserts that well. Whether in ice cream, sorbets or puddings, saffron shows its power since it is a not only in savory dishes often used spice.