Saffron Farming System based on Qanat irrigation Heritage in Gonabad, Iran


FAO report on the Mizou Organic Saffron Project

Mizou organic saffron -in the past, a representative visit to the mizou organic  project was published  the food and agriculture organization of the united nationshas (fao)  reported on this issue yesterday.

In this report, the introduction of qanat based irrigation system in the village of "seno" from the functions of gonabad city has been investigated. In addition to the introduction of the mizou organic saffron plant project, the report further illustrates the benefits of this project in planting organic saffron by looking at conservation and management of natural resources..

Job opportunities, reducing migration, providing sustainable livelihoods, improving efficiency in water use and productivity as well as developing eco-tourism in the area. ، the benefits of mizou organic project have been on the fao.

Mizou organic projects

Mizou is the project of commercializing the production of the organic products. We first start producing saffron with the objective of increasing the efficiency of the effective compounds along with manufacturing a variety of natural and pharmaceutical products at the village of seno in iran

The aim has been to increase the effectiveness of the plant components in accordance with the international standards in order to produce a healthy product without any contamination or chemical pollution. The concentration has also been on producing the highest value of the base and the by-products of saffron as well as its medicinal supplements for the purpose of creating a substantial added value.


Organic Saffron