Mizou Organic Saffron, World Agriculture Heritage (Visit the FAO representative from the mizou Organic Projects)


Organic saffron is a god-given treasure born from the heart of this land. On October 11, 2018, Mr. Min Qing Wen, the representative from the GIAHS scientific advisory group of FAO, along with a delegation of government officials including the mayor of Gonabad, Mr. Mehran Khaledi and Dr. Zargar, the Development of Rural and Deprived Areas assistant to the President, visited Mizou’s organic produce projects. The mizou organic saffron project is located at the Seno Village of Gonabad County. In this visit, Mrs. Neda Taghavi, manager of Mizou, stated the undergoing project’s nature, its objectives, and its achievements. The saffron processing workshop, the smart agriculture software made by Mizou titled “From Farm to the Dinner Table”, and the Mizou smart farming equipment (IOT) were presented to visitors. After visiting this project’s farm, production hall, dryer and cold storage facility, the FAO representative stated: “This project and the Seno Village will be added to the list of globally important agricultural heritage systems (GIAHS) and added that, in addition to the projects underway, Mrs. Taghavi is able to get Seno Village to be recognized as a world saffron heritage.” In the meantime, Mizou group officials were invited to take part in the annual GIAHS convention and speak about activities related to producing organic saffron. In addition to paving the way for sustainable development of countries and preserving and protecting the environment and water resources, the FAO representative considered the production of organic agricultural products to be a tourist attraction, effective in introducing rural areas lie Seno to tourists. In addition to thanking Mizou group’s management and expressing his appreciation about their achievements, the FAO representative, Mr. Min, wrote a remembrance note as follows: “I’m certain that the future belongs to you and that you will play a vital role in protecting and developing GIAHS in the region. Member of the national science academy of China and the group of scientific advisors of FAO’s office of GIAHS system, Min Qing Wen” Mizou has started the organic produce project with a focus on producing saffron. At Mizou , our aim is to introduce Iran as the birthplace of organic saffron in the world and contribute to smart agriculture. Our objective with the organic produce project, in addition to producing and delivering high quality organic products to consumers, is to preserve and protect the environment and water resources, a challenge that most countries face today, and in this path, we will not stop short of success.

Organic Saffron