Mizou Comprehencive Software

Software beside suitable hardware is one of many reasons for organization’s success. Today IT systems make it easier for customer service and strategic decisions of any organization. In Agriculture we can see good developments by IT systems entrance to these systems. Managing water and energy consumption and improving product’s quality is one of these effects. In Iran, Mizou group intend to contribute IT systems with organic agriculture too. We wanted maximum usage of IT systems in this era. For this purpose Mizou Comprehensive Software (MCS) is designed and implemented. Our technicians and engineers designed this software for below purposes:

  1. Managing farms and farmers information
  2. Managing environment information from IOT
  3. Product tracking
  4. Analyze data and get optimized decisions

MCS is a software for managing, tracking and fault detection of products. In fact this system provide facilities for managing everything related to farmers and farms. This software's main subsystems are as below

  1. Internal Control System ( System for managing and supervising farms and farmers)
  2. From Farm To Dinner Table ( System for tracking product from production to consumption )
  3. IOT integration ( System for read data from sensors and send suitable action to actors– this is our intelligent system)
  4. Serial Number Generator (System for generating unique serial number for each product for product tracking and after sales services)
  5. After Sales Services ( System for customer relation management )
  6. Specific Login System for restricting forbidden access to database

Who can work with this software?

This software has a general design infrastructure, so for any project in which there is a need to do the same on products, we can map this software to the production system. Also we suggest our solution for better performance. Mizou Software team is ready to do your local ICS and From Farm to dinner table system.

MCS Advantages

Our software is here to help all stakeholders in order to better management. We can recommend farmers our software beside IOT plan to make farming easier and more profitable for farmers. Some advantages is:

  1. Decreasing raw material consumption with our intelligent farming system
  2. Decreasing human resource’s cost
  3. Increase product quality by targeted cultivation
  4. Increase product quantity by pest controlling

Internal Control System

Internal Control System or ICS is a system for managing farms and farmers. This system is designed for creating reports for supervisors in order to remove all human interference. This can led to better and more reliable result for supervisory organizations. Also we have created some charts and reports for manager which can help them to improve cultivation of products. Till now this system just tested on saffron farms and farmers related to them. Below is list of some functionality of this system:

  1. Farm and Farmers management
  2. Farm data from cultivation to harvesting
  3. Document management system
  4. Educational plans scheduling

This system is specificly designed for Saffron. If you like to develope this System for your farming system, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

From Farm To Dinner Table

Farm to dinner table is a system which is prepared for product tracking. This tracking is starting from planting till selling product to customer. In this process all data from user input or IOT sensors data are saved to our database and by this large database you can track your product. In this process the serial number generator system is involved and by the generated serial number, system can find all results of product. Serial number is representing by QR CODE. This system is designed for customer relation system and provide a very well Customer Service. Also all data for workers and employees which are involved in production process is saved to database. At the end of the day it calculates their bill and managers can spend their wage.

For more details about software and purchasing a license, Contact Us.