One of MIZOU project's goal is to improve end-users knowledge about agriculture. To this end, we bring here some top agriculture's articles which are mostly about smart farming. below you can find a list of them with their refrences.

How IoT Technologies Can Help Solve A Global Food Crisis

The world discards nearly $1 trillion worth of food every year. It’s an astonishing statistic, and the vast majority of food spoilage happens after crops are harvested. Each year, a whopping 17% of the world’s crops are rendered inedible during storage and transit. Millions of tons of food spoils on the way from the farm to your home.

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This IoT Platform Is The Energy Company Of The Future

In the race for clean energy to address the soaring costs of extreme weather due to climate change -- $1.5 trillion in the United States alone ─ Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management is leading the pack. Headquartered in Germany, with offices in Madrid, New York and soon in Beijing, this data-as-a-service “enertech” company has launched a cloud-based IoT platform called ARISTOTELES. Showcased at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, its purpose is to convince banking institutions and other investors to fund local renewable and affordable energies, especially in emerging countries.

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'The Old John Deere' Makes Way For New Tech With Precision Farming Platforms

When I walked into Deere & Co.’s Intelligent Solutions Group offices in Des Moines, one of the first things I saw was a familiar graphic on the wall - a neat visualization of what it means to make a minimum viable product. That’s ‘lean startup’ talk, which isn’t unusual in most of the startups and tech shops I visit. But this was John Deere, the 180-year-old maker of huge tractors and huge combines and huge harvesters – maximum viable products. I’d driven over from Chicago to learn more about “precision agriculture,” which is old-fashioned, work-the-land farming, augmented with apps and other gadgets that do everything from monitor soil moisture to drive tractors. I met folks from Deere at an Internet of Things conference, and was curious to see what the old-line manufacturer was doing in this emerging space. A lot, it turns out.

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Why Precision Agriculture Will Change How Food Is Produced

Food waste during the production process is costly to the environment and economically. According to a McKinsey & Company report in 2016 on how big data will revolutionize the global food chain, about one-third of all food is lost during production each year globally in developing and emerging countries, while at the same time, 795 million people go hungry. Food loss and wastes cost about $940 Billion and have a carbon footprint of 4.4 Gt CO2-equivalent which is more than eight percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions.

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